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Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation
Executive Director, Makoto Muranaka

In July 2015 the Galileo Group (Galileo) and Nippon Kanzai Group (Nippon Kanzai) jointly established Sakura Real Estate Funds Management Inc. (Sakura REFM) as the asset manager of the Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation which listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in September 2016. Both sponsor groups and the Sakura REFM team will leverage their real estate and capital markets experience and knowledge to ensure future growth opportunities.

By taking advantage of the nature of a diversified portfolio we will continue to ensure the stable yield that comes with the investment in a diverse range of properties. At the same time we intend to grow the business by seeking accretive acquisition opportunities.

The Galileo management team has extensive experience in the field of funds management and real estate development, having been involved in the establishment and ongoing management of REIT’s listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for more than 20 years. The Australian REIT market is widely acknowledged as one of the largest and most sophisticated globally and Galileo has had considerable success in raising capital to invest in real estate in Japan and the United States.

Nippon Kanzai Co Ltd, which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is a leading building management and integrated services company with a 50 year history. Its various businesses include property management, asset management, building life cycle management, due diligence, seismic diagnosis and security services. It has built up a strong relationship with many clients over the last 50 years.

Just as it has done for the last 10 years Galileo and Nippon Kanzai look forward to working together to manage the assets for Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation. Thank you to all the unit holders who have entrusted us with managing their investment and we will strive to maximize unitholder value and look forward to your ongoing support.