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Royal Hill Kobe Sannomiya II


  • Residential
  • Regional Major Cities
  • Royal Hill Kobe Sannomiya II1
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Anticipated Acquisition Price 1,480 million yen
Appraised Value 1,500 million yen
Appraised NOI Yield 5.6%
NOI Yield after Depreciation 4.0%
Address Kobe City, Hyogo
Access Approx. 6 minutes walk from “Sannomiya” Station
No. of Leasable Units 114
Site Area 529.72㎡
Total Floor Area 5,088.35㎡

Property Features

Located approximately a 6 minutes walking distance from "Sannomiya" Station on the JR Line and approximately 2 minutes by train to "Shin-Kobe" Station which is one of the stops on the JR Sanyo Shinkansen if using "Sannomiya" Station on the Kobe Municipal Subway, this property offers excellent access to major urban areas. It has the appearance of a luxury property and is equipped with autolock feature, a home delivery box, 3 elevators, system kitchens, separate wash basins and other amenities conducive to urban living, and demand for the property is expected from single dwellers and dinks with relatively high incomes.

Surrounding Environment

Situated in a mixed residential and commercial area along a city road lined with mid-to-high-rise office buildings and store buildings. Although in the past there was a prevalence for office buildings in the area, because of its excellent accessibility to transportation services and the high level of lifestyle conveniences available and because of the recent trend of people moving into city areas, there are now a number of mid-to-high-rise condominiums or rental apartments lining the street and it has increasing becoming known more as a highly convenient living residential area.