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Features & Strengths

Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation

External Growth Strategy
Expansion of portfolio size through the maximization of acquisition opportunities
Internal Growth Strategy
Ongoing maintenance and enhancement of asset value

We aim to achieve our growth strategy by maximizing our features and strengths

Securement of Cash Flow Growth and Stability through the Combination and Diversification of Purpose of Use and Area
We aim to achieve cash flow growth and stability by combining properties of different purposes of use and secure a stable income by striving for a diversified portfolio which includes buildings in different areas and with different tenant types as well as with different purposes of use.
Expected Growth through Maximization of Acquisition Opportunities
We aim to maximize our acquisition opportunities as a diversified REIT by taking a flexible investment approach towards purpose of use and area and thereby promote the expansion of our portfolio size.
Leverage of Nippon Kanzai Group’s Real Estate Management Know-how
We will share Nippon Kanzai Group’s know-how in real estate management accumulated through its extensive experience to optimize costs and maintain and enhance our asset value on an ongoing basis.
Galileo Group and Nippon Kanzai Group's Robust Property Sourcing (Procurement) Capabilities
We aim to expand our portfolio size by leveraging our Sponsor Groups‘(Note) robust sourcing channels (property procurement routes) for a diverse range of properties.
(Note) “Sponsor Groups” refers to Galileo Group and Nippon Kanzai Group collectively and “Sponsor Group” to the same individually. The same applies hereafter.