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Basic Principles

The Pursuit of Growth & Stability

The basic philosophy of the Investment Corporation is to leverage its core feature as a diversified REIT (Note 1) , to secure a stable income over the medium to long-term and maximize unitholder value (Note 2) by building a portfolio which the Investment Corporation believes to be optimal in light of the real estate investment environment and pursuing both cash-flow growth and stability.

Our core features and strengths

  1. 1 Securement of Cash Flow Growth and Stability through the Combination and Diversification of Purpose of Use and Area
  2. 2 Expected Growth through Maximization of Acquisition Opportunities
  3. 3 Galileo Group (Note 3) and Nippon Kanzai Group's (Note 4) Robust Property Sourcing (Procurement) Capabilities
  4. 4 Leverage of Nippon Kanzai Group’s Real Estate Management Know-how


(Note 1) A "diversified REIT“ is a real estate investment corporation which invests in facilities of numerous purposes of use including office buildings, retail facilities and residential housing.
(Note 2) The "maximization of unitholder value" in the Investment Corporation's mind means the achievement of a stable distribution yield suitable for long-term investment placing highest priority on the interests of the unitholders (not the sponsors or other third parties).
(Note 3) Refers to a corporate group consisting primarily of Galileo Sydney Holdings Pty Limited (hereinafter “Galileo”) and in addition Galaxy JREIT Pty Limited and Werrett Family Pty Ltd. The same applies hereafter.
(Note 4) Refers to a corporate group comprised of Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Nippon Kanzai”) and in addition 12 consolidated subsidiaries including Tokyo Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Tokyo Capital Management”, Three-s Inc. and Nippon Kanzai Environment Service Co., Ltd., 24 affiliated companies accounted for by the equity-method and other affiliated companies (as of the end of March 2016). The same applies hereafter.