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Matsuya Residence Sekime


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Anticipated Acquisition Price 1,820 million yen
Appraised Value 1,940 million yen
Appraised NOI Yield 6.3%
NOI Yield after Depreciation 5.0%
Address 6-6-24 Sekime, Joto-ku Osaka-shi , Osaka
Access Approx. 6 minutes walk from “Sekime Takadono” Station
No. of Leasable Units 131
Site Area 2,346.39㎡
Total Floor Area 8,190.11㎡

Property Features

Located within a 6 minutes walking distance from "Sekime-Takadono" Station on the Tanimachi Line and approximately a 7 minutes walking distance from "Sekime" Station on the Keihan Main Line and "Sekime Seiiku" Station on Osaka Municipal Subway's Imazato Sujisen Line. Although the property was built 27 years ago, appropriate maintenance and management has been undertaken on the property and its interior finish and the size of the available rental space compares favourably with competing properties in surrounding areas. The property is further enhanced by its security additions being equipped with a 24-hour emergency call system and autolock feature as well as having system kitchens, shower toilets and shampoo dressers and other equipment installed, offering specs which factor in tenants’ needs.

Surrounding Environment

The area surrounding the property is primarily the National Highway 163 which is interspersed with residential complexes with stores and restaurants, etc.. and on which lie a number of drug stores, convenience stores and supermarkets and other stores catering to single dwellers, DINKS and families, making it an excellent property in terns of lifestyle convenience.