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La Park Kishiwada


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Anticipated Acquisition Price 6,460 million yen
Appraised Value 6,550 million yen
Appraised NOI Yield 6.0%
NOI Yield after Depreciation 4.6%
Address 21-1 Harukiwakamatsucho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka
Access Approx. 3 minutes walk from “Haruki” Station
Site Area 39,779.74㎡
Total Floor Area 65,663.02㎡

Property Features

Located approximately 3 minutes walk from "Haruki" Station on the Nankai Electric Railway Main Line and situated in good proximity from the nearest train station. The property includes tenants ranging from various speciality stores to outlets of household goods and necessities, entertainment facilities including numerous restaurants and a ten-pin bowling alley as well as a sports club resulting in a tenant mix which can secure demand over a wide age range. Under these circumstances, particularly in the suburbs, there are many tenants expecting a property which, not only depending on attraction of their own stores, is able to attract a lot of customers by a synergy of tenants producing a commercial complex comprised of various attractive tenants and this property with its tenant mix is expected to achieve a correspondingly high demand.

Surrounding Environment

The property is situated in a street commercial area which is home to commercial stores. Various stores as well as residential buildings extend along the main street and a high number of general residential properties and residential complexes can be found in the area surrounding the property. In terms of commercial use, the area has revenue potential equal to its ability to attract certain customers.