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Suroy Mall Chikushino


  • Retail
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Anticipated Acquisition Price 7,670 million yen
Appraised Value 7,640 million yen
Appraised NOI Yield 5.6%
NOI Yield after Depreciation 4.8%
Address 836-1 Ooaza Haruda, Chikushino-shi, Fukuoka
Site Area 96,101.96㎡
Total Floor Area 31,086.23㎡

Property Features

Home to electronic stores, home improvement and furniture stores with a total floor area of over 1,000 tsubo as well as restaurants and other small stores with a total floor area of up to 100 tsubo, this property accommodates a wide range of tenants and is able to meet the diverse needs of customers. With each building advantageously positioned on the premises, it benefits from excellent visibility from the Japan National Route 3 which it faces. Furthermore, a sufficient number of parking spaces are available on the premises allowing it to accommodate visitors from the surrounding area.

Surrounding Environment

The property is in a street commercial area with roadside stores and restaurants extending along the national highway. As it faces the national highway, it is easily accessible to customers from the surrounding municipalities and is well situated to attract customers from a wide area.